Winners Page 2018


  Winner Finalist
Gents Champion    
Club Champion    
Gents Hat Night    
Ladies Champion    
Ladies Points    
Gents Club Fours Ian Johnston, Ian Watson, Pete Morris and Andy MacKay  Jimmy Duncan, Ian Cairns, Harry McLaughlin and Gary Stout
Ladies Autumn Plate    
Gents Club Triples    
Gents Club Pairs    
A Morton Two Bowl Pairs    
Pheonix Rosebowl    
Jack Pettigrew Trophy    
Club Mixed Pairs Lorraine Fraser and Ryan Taylor Wilma Robertson and Mark Patrizio
Three Bowl Singles    
Porteous Open Fours     
Ladies Triples    
David Johnston Trophy    
Ladies Club Pairs    
Andrew Black Triples    
Redpath Trophy    
Gents Nominated Triples    
Gents Special Pairs    
Ladies Nominated Pairs    
Senior Balloted Pairs    
Nominated Mixed Pairs    
Ladies Two Bowl Singles    
Invitation Pairs    
Guthrie Medal    
Gents Vice-Presidents    
Belhaven Open Pairs    
Presidents Ladies    
Presidents Gents    
Friendship Cup    
Darin Taylor Memorial Trophy